Thursday, September 25, 2008

Open Studio Show

Fox Studies, pastel, 25x23

I just wanted to post some details for my Open Studio Show October 4th 11-7 and the 5th 12-6.

I will showing my own original work, prints, note cards, and painted furniture in addition to my Father's paintings and my sister's jewelry.

I hope you can join us for some great art, unique gifts, and delicious food and drinks!

Directions: From the intersection of Rt 273 and Rt 213 in Fair Hill go south towards Elkton to your third road on the right. Turn right onto Providence Road. Go 4/10 mile and see Art Show signs on the right.

For more info call me: 410 392 7613

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plein Air at Fair Hill: Tuesday

I worked at the Saw Mill today. I enjoyed the long walk down the hill to the river thinking I might paint the water. I decided to work on the Mill instead as there was no sunlight and I thought I could still make the ruins interesting.

After working for a while, I stepped back and realized the painting was very flat. Just then the sun burned through the cover and lit up one side of the Mill. Quickly, I lifted paint to match the sunlit stones and for a quick minute, could see the potential in the scene. I might plug away at it some more. This was the most difficult subject yet.

Aside from painting, I really enjoyed being a "fly on the wall" on the little lane near the river. The first passer by appeared to be just a woman walking her dog. Only when she got closer did I see that she had two parrots on her shoulders! Another woman ran by with her dog and then a pair of bikers came through. Next I heard the clatter of a horse and carriage. Coming over the bridge was a good customer of mine who just won her combined driving event two weeks ago driving her single horse. What a neat sight a horse and carriage are. I wish I had thought to ask her for a ride back up that hill.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Plein Air at Fair Hill: Monday's Report

I just want to share what I have done so far at Fair Hill this week. Both days were short outside for me: Sunday was HOT and HUMID so I didn't last long; today I just found that I couldn't get any farther on the painting after an hour so I brought it home to work on it here.
This is the view I had on Sunday. I knew I wouldn't last long so I opted for pastels. I worked on paper about 7x12. Although I took a photo I have not used it.

I may still work on this. I'd like for the sunlit grass to be softer and for the treeline to recede more.This is what I produced today. It is 11x14 oil on board. I really had fun with this. I HATE painting green so this whole week is going to be tourturous but good for me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inspired by Fair Hill

Those of you that I talk to everyday probably can't keep strait the many projects that I have been talking about involving Fair Hill. I currently have three art irons in the fire that are inspired by Fair Hill. They are each ideas that have been biding time in my thoughts until I had the time to actually accomplish them!

The first is the Fair Hill print which I mentioned in a previous post. I have been gathering all of the references I need for this complicated painting. The original will be a 36x36 oil on board. It will depict a bird's eye view map with detailed vignettes of landmarks and events unique to Fair Hill. I hope to have something to show by my Open House Show.

The second event is a week of plein-air painting at Fair Hill with other artists organized by the Oxford Arts Alliance. Painting on location is one of the experiences I have been craving and daydreaming about. I hope the reality of the experience is as fun and beneficial to my work as I think it will be. We will be painting from September 14th to the 21st. There will be show exhibiting the fruits of our labor held at the Oxford Arts Alliance in the Simon building, 38 South 3rd Street, Oxford, PA. The show will open on October 4th (you can head there after you see me at my Open Studio Show) from 5-9pm. Each artist will select one piece to be auctioned at the opening to benefit the Fair Hill Nature Center.

Lastly, and definitely not the least, Geraldine McKeown, the FHNRMA, and I are working together to have a show at Fair Hill in one year's time. Geraldine is the area's leading watercolor artist and has been painting the Cecil County area for over 30 years. We will each spend the year painting a body of work inspired by Fair Hill, it's historic architecture, scenic landscapes, and many varied activities that are held here. I am excited to be working with Geraldine; I think our painting styles will compliment one another to make a spectacular and special show. A percentage of sales will benefit the FHNRMA.