Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plein Air at Fair Hill: Tuesday

I worked at the Saw Mill today. I enjoyed the long walk down the hill to the river thinking I might paint the water. I decided to work on the Mill instead as there was no sunlight and I thought I could still make the ruins interesting.

After working for a while, I stepped back and realized the painting was very flat. Just then the sun burned through the cover and lit up one side of the Mill. Quickly, I lifted paint to match the sunlit stones and for a quick minute, could see the potential in the scene. I might plug away at it some more. This was the most difficult subject yet.

Aside from painting, I really enjoyed being a "fly on the wall" on the little lane near the river. The first passer by appeared to be just a woman walking her dog. Only when she got closer did I see that she had two parrots on her shoulders! Another woman ran by with her dog and then a pair of bikers came through. Next I heard the clatter of a horse and carriage. Coming over the bridge was a good customer of mine who just won her combined driving event two weeks ago driving her single horse. What a neat sight a horse and carriage are. I wish I had thought to ask her for a ride back up that hill.

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