Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Not Mundane It's My Life

I am so grateful for my day to day life. My daily routines comfort me. In my home with my family I have all that I need. Aside from the never ending itch to create, there is not much I crave.

When I wake up I sit at the kitchen table with my laptop checking all of my super important online happenings. Dave has either left early for work or is sleeping in on a weekend. I make coffee. I stoke the fire. At some point a puffy faced squinty eyed sleepy headed boy walks into the room. He climbs into my lap for a brief, but cherished, embrace, asks for a breakfast treat, and then disappears into the living room to watch TV or play a game. And then the day can unfold, usually into some version of the day before.

I would not trade my routine for anyone elses or for a life of travel and adventure. Although, a tropical island get away here and there would be a welcome break from the norm.


twiga17 said...

3:05 AM? What?! That is not a routine I could embrace! ;)

Brett and Kyla said...

What a great post- We all need to remind ourselves of our daily joy.

I have a restless life- I love travel and adventure (I'm a sailor and traveled the last few years) but I LOVE to create art as well and have that same itch but it's difficult to be free with the art on a small sailboat. I love both with a passion and it's a constant battle deciding which would make me happier. If it weren't for bills, I could do both on the boat. But I love gardening and farm animals as well (especially chickens and angora rabbits). I can see both sides of the two different lifestyles. I admire people in both ways of life. Maybe someday I can find a compromise to the two. For now, I am on land again, working to pay bills and feed my creative hunger.