Monday, July 14, 2008

The Barnyard: Creation and Purpose

"The Barnyard" is the name of my would be Gallery. This gallery in my mind would offer unique handcrafts and fine art inspired by animals and rural life. I think it is an appropriate blog title because it sums up a melting pot of creation, whether it be my art, god's animals, or my minds' unsolicited thoughts. A barnyard is slightly chaotic, often eclectic, usually dirty, and, to me, always beautiful. Hmmm, a microcosm of my life - that's another post.

I have all of these things - art, animals, and thoughts - to share. I decided a blog would be a great way to do just that. Sharing my art is my main objective. I hope to post work as it evolves for patrons and other artists. Sharing my artistic experience might help other artists or be an interesting perspective for patrons and, in turn, help me. I am "self taught" if "self" includes all of the artists that have influenced, taught, and inspired me. Talking shop is sometimes the best art school there is.

Fox, oil on paper, 10x8

My animals and my thoughts will most likely also make a post here and there. Our critters are huge part of my life; they are underfoot, constantly needing my care, always fulfill and amuse me, and often are the subjects of my artwork. We have a horse, a pony, a donkey, two Jack Russells, an American Bulldog mix, two cats, and four chickens. Here are a few pictures to help give you a visual.

Carmelita - my Nokota mare

Hops the donkey

Lola with the Cats, Olive and Mrtyle

Otto and the hens do not mix

So we've started with a little art, a lot of animals, and here's my thought...
time for lunch.


William F. Renzulli said...

Sara Jo,
Good luck with your new blog. I look forward to being a regular reader.

love, dad

ps...where is Peter?

Artemis r said...

Thanks for sharing your critters! I am looking forward to seeing your art as it is developing! A few works in various stages would be awesome!