Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boys, boys, boys

Cooper, Max, Alex, Evan, Mathew, Cole

My sons, Max, 5, and Evan, soon to be 3, will begin full days out of the house five days per week at the end of August. Max will go to kindergarten and Evan will be at a daycare across the street from Max's school. For five years Max and Evan have been ever present in my day, at the most going to daycare four mornings per week. So for five years I have had a total of 15 hours per week to "work." Take out some time to eat, shower, or run and errand and I have really been working about 10 hours per week for the past five years.

I have no idea how the transition will be, for me or the boys, into this new routine with it's long days of separation, each of us spending the day in a different place. My hope is that we return to each other at the end of the day charged with our own experiences and appreciation for our time together. I know Evan will thrive at his new daycare; he has no use for me when lots of kids are around. I'm optimistic that Max will love school; he enjoys learning and structure. As for me - I am nervous that I have forgotten what to do with my time; maybe I will wander aimlessly around the house. If I can cut the apron strings and focus here are some of the things I'd like to do with my new found time (not in order of importance):

keep the house clean
keep the laundry done
cook better meals
paint on location
ride my horse
grocery shop
update my website and blog
promote my work

I'll let you know how it goes.

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