Saturday, March 19, 2011

Far from Perfection

One of the comments I get often in regard to my work is, "You must be so patient!" I am sure a confused look flashes across my face before I compose myself and gracefully accept the compliment. Does the person believe that I have toiled away and fussed over every detail, forcing myself to persevere even when the task of creating the art seemed to take forever?

I am not patient. I am not meticulous. I am definitely NOT a perfectionist.

In my line of work perfection is boring. Surgeons need to be perfect. Wedding cake decorators can strive for perfection all they want. Bridge builders should definitely try as much as possible to be perfect. If I were to stab my critters until they were symmetrical, smooth, not a hair out of place so to speak I would have felted the life right out of them. Same goes with painting. The last thing I want is for something I created to look like a photograph.

So in my line of work my brash spontaneity serves me very well. In day to day life... that's another story.