Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Whole Bunny and Nothing but the Bunny

Sunday's class started with enthusiasm and wool and ended with a BUNNY.

We sat around a table our foam in front of us each with two needles ready to go. I tried my best to explain each step and demonstrate when needed. I had to move us along, as it is tempting to stab at your creation longer than necessary, but still be mindful not to leave anyone behind with half felted legs, mismatched ears, or ill-placed body parts.

It was all fun and games until we got to the process of felting on the rabbit angora. With our bodies, legs, and face details all finished, it was time to add the fluff. I'm used to it but I suppose it is a bother. Each little section of fiber has to be aligned by hand before you can felt it on. The angora is so light that it flies away from you; you find yourself batting at your nose, clawing at your cheeks, and trying to blow sideways at your own face because single fibers are tickling your skin. It is so soft and light that your mind tells you to be gentle but no, you can't. I needed to give my group an injection of conviction, "Ladies, don't pussy foot around! Grab it! Hold it! Pull it! Put it where you want it!"

Shocking, I know. But once everyone realized that they were in control the bunnies fared far better.

As usual, the end of the class felt rushed. We were felting until the end - no one wanted to stop. I wish I had taken more than a minute to appreciate each creation. I think that everyone left happy with their critter and maybe picked up a few tips.

Thank you Kathy for the pics!

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