Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Perfect Storm: Waking in the Middle

The way I see it our little home does not stand a chance at cleanliness against the waves and winds of three fierce factors: rural family life (kids, animals, dirt), my personality (not neat), and my home based career (all of the things I create and all that I use to create them are in our home). Nothing brings it into clearer focus than Spring.

I have been waiting for the Spring Cleaning Urge to strike. Tick tock tick tock. Hello? My house is a mess here... Spring is springing....Urge? Meanwhile I am beginning to notice the dirt that all Winter I was able to ignore. I see the crayon on the wall, the dirty spots on the curtains, the gray unknown laying in wait at the bottom of my window sashes, dust on the tops of my framed art, musty (boarding on a tactile tackiness) dog beds, and bug carcasses in the light fixtures.

And that's just the more subtle dirtities, never mind the in-your-face messes. School papers everywhere. My papers everywhere. Evan's little personal tornado of clothing and toys. Max's gazillion lego happenings. Laundry and dishes always. A constant tide of dog hair. And my work: finished critters, wool, unfinished critters, pens, pads, paintings, old ones, new ones, paintings paintings paintings.

Spring also awakens a pull to the out of doors. All of a sudden my eyes can see the yard that lay untouched for 4 months. Limbs that fell from heavy snow strewn the yard. Weeds emerge along with the tulips and daffodils. Months worth of three dog's poop is scattered about waiting... for me. I notice the horse's fencing is down, not in one or two places, but everywhere. When did that tree fall onto the fence? Man, that's a lot of manure.

Fortunately for my marriage, Dave and I seem to have the same attitude towards the clutter and dirt. We are a good team; we live harmoniously with each other and the mess but when it is time to get it together we are a force of our own. The mess doesn't stand a chance. I organize and pick up the pieces and Dave cleans like a mad man. It'll happen.

We won't have you over for dinner until it does.


twiga17 said...

I quite like your mess, it helps me embrace my own!

happy internist said...

when i come to your house i sit on my hands so i don't start cleaning things!

Sara Jo Renzulli said...

That's really sad, Beth, considering we usually try to clean before you come over. But, more importantly... you don't have to stop yourself!