Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raisins and Other Body Parts

To be or not to be... anatomically correct. I work very hard to capture details and realism in my needle felted critters while injecting my own artistry to their character. I love felting tiny little noses, pads on paws, the furrow of a brow, folds of a jowl, and giant hare feet. Recently I have felted a few dogs and for the first time, especially with the short haired breeds, I am facing the decision of how detailed to be in the bodily functions area.

Shall I just blur them out like Ken and Barbie? But, a dog butt would not a dog butt be without the little raisin nestled under the tail. And what fun would it be to pose him lifting his leg if there were no reason for him to need to do it? Why shouldn't I enjoy felting little sheathes and butts just as much as the other details?

When you look at your anatomically correct critter and see his perfectly felted penis, don't judge me! "Oh my, look at that. Seems as if she must have had fun making this one."

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happy internist said...

we'll just try not to picture you jabbing that needle again and again in those most delicate areas