Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm no Doctor

Sigh. My sister has started a blog. She is witty and has always been able to make a blank page come alive. I am fascinated by this glimpse into her medical life. But I am also made aware of her big brain and the non-sister very serious intense undertaking that is her career.

While I try to blog about my mundane day of needle felting or painting all by myself without so much as a change of scenery, my sister is recounting medical miracles, surgical intensity, lives in the balance, and silly or gross anecdotes, from her school, residency, internship, and practice, all the while using detailed medical jargon and impressive doctorish wisdom.

I will continue to write. I'm not the type to throw up my hands and walk away. If you have not read her blog, I might be safe. If you have, I will do my best to convince you that my felting needles are the instruments upon which the fates of my needle felted critters' lives hang. And the tiny shaped details can only be pulled from the wool by my deft hands. Then there are the complicated mechanics of my easel; only the precise angle and tension can cradle the surface properly to facilitate the potential flow of creativity like a breath or pulse. Any minute I might be met with a creative crisis which threatens my art's very existence!

We each have our calling. Thank you to the doctors of the world. Have you hugged your doctor today?


happy internist said...

before anyone gets the wrong impression of me, i think we ought to mention that we had to throw out the cake i made for you last christmas because it was that bad. i love your blog. and i love your art. and i love you. (!)

Brady Lady said...

Hi Sara,
I've really enjoyed following your blog. I have purchased several of your wonderful works of art and look forward to buying more. It's been fun for me to watch how you create the pieces. It also gives me a glimpse at the items that may be coming to your etsy site. Keep up the great work.

Sara Jo Renzulli said...

Thanks, Teresa! Right before the boys were due to get off the bus I got inspired to make hedgehogs! Can't wait till Monday when I can finish one up.

Sara Jo Renzulli said...

Love you too, Beth!