Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wool and Teaching

I am teaching a felting workshop at Vulcan's Rest on Sunday. This will be my fourth class there. We are going to make puffy bunnies. So far there are 6 people signed up. I can't wait; I love teaching.

When I start a felting class I usually do not know anyone. This means I don't know if they have felted before, or if they are otherwise artsy/craftsy, or if this is their first time trying anything creative, or if they are proficient in all arts and every other craft in the world. So I get my feelers feeling quickly. I don't want to insult the wise nor leave behind the clueless.

A few women in my largest class to date: 12 people for 8 hours. We made snowmen and other Holiday inspired creations.

Pretty quickly I can figure people out. There are the brave (my favorites): "I get what you are saying and I am going to run with it." There are the stubborn: "I am paying you handsomely for your sage expertise but I think I will pretend I don't need any instruction and don't even think about making a suggestion." Then there are the needy: "Is this right? How's this? Is this cute? Can you help me?"

A few of the finished snowmen: everyone got really creative

No matter what a person's felting constitution proves to be, she (I have only had shes) leaves the class with an adorable creation. Something that was once a pile of wool has been forever changed thanks to inspiration, creativity, and a teeny tiny bit of genius guidance.

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