Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Hair Day

Old tired hair

About 5 years ago, after the birth of my second son, Evan, I cut my hair off. Whack! From mid back to pixie! After a year or so I grew tired of my face sticking out of my hair so I grew out the pixie. Then, for about 3 years, I sported a Posh bob that never looked posh. Today, with inspirational photo in hand, I went to my hairdresser friend Lauri and asked for a change.

That's not me, folks. That's the inspirational photo.

After she spent 2 hours highlighting, washing, cutting, drying, recutting, and styling, I stepped out with a BANG so to speak. I felt light, happy, and current. Thank you, Lauri!

My new do must have inspired me to help others. I have attempted to felt, and failed, 3 different hedgehogs. The challenge was how to represent their spikes. Finally I figured out that the rabbit angora would be perfect. It's the opposite of spikes, soft as a cloud, but it looks right and makes a cuddlier critter

hedgehog inspirational photo

I spent the rest of my day giving new life and glorious hair to a little rodent. Finally, a camera worthy hedgehog.

Who has better hair?

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